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90’s Fashion is Back For All of Us Who Only Lived 2 Years in the Decade

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Article by Paige Venturi

Everything that goes around comes back around, we all know this. Fashion is not excluded.

Every decade of fashion has its own pivotal pieces that scream “Yes, those bell-bottom jeans are so 70’s and they do make your ass look great,” or “Wow, look at you in that full 80’s tracksuit thinking you’re cool. Because you are.”

But the 90’s trends coming back in style now hit a little closer to home, and are not what I expected at all.

The fashion of our childhood is back, and it did not come to play [Uno].

It all started with the hair barrettes. They first popped up on social media from the likes of the Jenner sisters, Ariana Grande, and Solange, eventually working their way into being one of Summer’s top trends.

Really, in theory, they are perfect for keeping pesky baby hairs and bangs that are too hot for summer out of the way. They also come in all sorts of fun varieties now, with neon barrettes, cool-shaped clips, and cheeky-saying pins.

Even fashion blogger-turned-fashion-line-producer ManRepeller put out some pretty fly flagpoles in their summer merch drop.

Then came the rest of the suppressed childhood memories flooding out, with Jelly sandals and Jelly wedges (?), furry sleepover-style backless heels, and fruity jewelry.

Graduating from PG to R-ratings, these styles can be adapted for more mature audiences: a geometric barrette stands out with a sleek bob, Jelly heels give a comfortable footing for a night out dancing while furry stilettos give a pop to a any outfit with denim, and fruity drop earrings draw attention against a high pony.

So break out some 90’s style, match with your 8-year-old neighbor, and get ready for someone (probably me) to challenge you to a hot game of Uno Attack.

Check out some fun styles below:

*Images courtesy of Allure*



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