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Boyle's Law through Summer and Fall

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Article by Carolyn Ciolfi

As summer comes to a close and fall is here, I find myself still trying to find ways to keep warm colors in my makeup and clothes. As much as fall is one of my favorite seasons, I still desire the warm months of summer and my tan. Keeping these warm colors in your wardrobe and makeup looks will help you keep the exuberant feeling of summer through fall.

In my makeup, I try to keep red-tinted blush, burnt-colored eyeshadow and lipsticks to make me feel more in the fall mood by matching your looks to the colors of the changing leaves. Boyle’s law of constant temperature is a fashion statement too: to keep your aesthetic warm throughout the seasons. Keeping this constant temperature of your looks when moving from summer to fall will keep your aesthetic warm to continue to bring the sunshine of summer into fall.

Now you might ask, what do I wear with these makeup looks? My go-to is a leather jacket. Since these are bold makeup looks with pops of warm color, a more neutral outfit with touches of matching warm tones would be ideal. Incoming trends include a red chili color, maroon, milk chocolate brown, burnt orange, emerald, navy blue, and charcoal. I usually stick to one or two bold colors in a makeup look and match those to my outfit. With my go-to black jacket, I would go for a chili red to channel my inner Sandy from Grease. If I wanted to weave the chocolate brown into my look, I would go for a brown jacket and a warm-colored shirt such as the maroon. Fall is a superb time to throw a light jacket on to spice up any look. Maintaining the heat as we enter fall will keep you looking more alive and right on-trend.


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