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HBO: Leading Characters and Leading Looks

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Article (and too much TV watching) by Paige Venturi

Nothing is new about HBO and its relevance to the TV world. We all either got hooked on Game of Thrones way back in 2011 or jumped on the bandwagon with this last season, but who didn’t enjoy following the twists and turns of Big Little Lies' second (and probably last) season? Don’t even get me started on new series Euphoria and Los Espookys.

Providing us with so much more than good ol’ fashioned drama, HBO has been serving some looks.

I know all of the hub-bub has been about Euphoria and the amazing makeup looks by Doniella Davy lately, but I want to give credit to all the other game-changers that the network has provided us with.

First and Foremost: Renata Klein (Big Little Lies)

Renata was a breakout character in season 2 of BLL for so many reasons, primarily her snarky quips and intense fits of rage. But she also had some AMAZING outfits, between hosting her daughter’s disco-themed birthday party that filled me with jealousy and running around in her stilettos as the working mom she is. Whether she’s dressed-up or dressed-down, Renata doesn’t do take lightly. Favorite Looks: 1: Women-in-Power Magazine Shoot 2: Amabella’s Disco Birthday Bash 3: The Blazer and Bag She Wore Before Completely Destroying Her Dirtbag Husband’s Man-Cave Because He Destroyed Her Life:)

Boho-Yogi Queen: Bonnie Carlson (Big Little Lies)

While Bonnie was dealing with a lot of … issues … this season, she also continued to put countless layers of garments that shouldn’t work together into outfits that beautifully draped off of her frame. She also gave us a few more sleek looks, a disco look that had a lot of unusual neon color for her, and of course I had to include her Audrey Hepburn costume from season 1. How could I not? Bonnie’s everyday looks sometimes run together for me, but these pop-outs are forever engrained in my mind. Favorite Looks: 1: Amabella’s Disco Birthday Bash (again … ) 2: The Disastrous Audrey and Elvis Fundraiser 3: The Red Dress and Shaved Sides From When She Tried to Compromise with Madeline and Instead Madeline Puked On the Table :)

The Prince of Darkness and A Drop-Down Earring: Andrés (Los Espookys)

I have to admit, I haven’t finished the entire season of Los Espookys yet. But it deserves a mention nonetheless, especially as one of TV’s only shows that glorify gothic-inspired fashion and I am HERE FOR IT. Andrés is the resident fashion king, boasting a drop-down earring on the daily, cobalt blue hair, and typically some form of hair decoration or chain jewelry or whatever blue-toned accessory that I would kill for. Favorite Looks: 1: Blue Hair Stars and A Cheetah Print Scuba Shirt 2: Blue Gingham Bow Tie Shirt with Leather Jacket 3: BEDAZZLED JUICE BOX and Drop-Down Dagger/Cross Earring

Honorable Mention: I’m Not to This Episode Yet But Googling Led Me Here to This Blue Ghosty (Los Espookys)

As you can clearly see, I have not yet made it to episode 6 of Los Espookys (and if you haven’t yet either here is a visual spoiler alert). But my Google search of screen caps of this show has led me to this beautiful beast and everything about her deserves a mention: the Iris Van Herpen-esque dress, the teased hair, the eating of popcorn, THE NAILS. I’m excited for her.

I’m Not Going to Go On About Them A Ton Because Everyone Else Has But I Still Love All of Their Looks: Euphoria

Yet again, there’s nothing much more to say about this. All of the looks in Euphoria are amazing, envelope-pushing, and so unrealistic for high-schoolers to be wearing. Which makes me love the show itself even more. With all the looks that have already been praised from the show, here’s a few I think are slept on, collectively, or should just be called out again. The Looks: 1: Maddy’s Sheer Formal I Dream of Jeannie Look 2: Kat’s Denim Colorblock Dress 3: Lexi as Bob Ross 4: Cassie Figure Skating and Making Me Cry While Somehow She’s Not 5: Maddy’s Denim on Denim à la Justin Timberlake Circa 2001 6: Jules’ Flower Petal Eye Lashes That Put Valentino Spring 2019 Couture to Shame

*photos not property of Season Magazine*


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