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SEASON is a student-run organization at Indiana University Bloomington. Our applications are live at the beginning of every semester for IU students only. Check our Instagram in January & August for more details!



Plans and executes photoshoots in concordance with the theme of the given issue, from hosting model callouts to gathering merchandise from local stores and styling and directing shoots the day of.

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Captures all images seen in the magazine and some promotional materials. Responsible for working closely with the Merch & Style team to plan locations and aesthetics for photoshoots and the Editorial team to supply images for articles.

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In charge of social media outreach and promotion of the magazine. This includes flyers, posters, logos, newsletters, and graphics used in the magazine or for promotional purposes. Also responsible for maintaining and updating the website, producing podcasts, youtube content, and events on campus.

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Responsible for writing any and all articles, reviews, spotlights, poems, prose, and whatever else you can think of about art, fashion, beauty, music and community. SEASON supplies the platform, you provide the words.

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Designs and creates the layout for magazine, pulling together the work of all other departments for one cohesive magazine spread.

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