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Curb Your Consumerism: Bloomington’s Sustainable Shopping Guide

This guide will not only transform your shopping experience in Bloomington, but also the quality of your closet. All of these classic yet underrated stores are just walking distance from each other, allowing you to shop the best of Bloomington in just one go! If all of your friends begin to ask you where your outfit is from every single day from now on, you can thank me and these awesome boutiques!

Location: 111 E Kirkwood Ave # 1

My go-to for: quality, vintage everyday attire

Hidden in plain sight, Office Clothier boasts an extensive selection of chic vintage garments, alongside personalized styling services and private shopping opportunities. Here you will find high-quality sweaters, jeans, dresses, accessories, and more. The on-street signage indicating its upstairs location might escape notice if one isn't attentive, but this perfectly-curated collection offers classic vintage style that will guarantee to turn heads as you walk down the streets of B-town.

Location: 208 N Walnut St

My go-to for: graphic tees, workwear pants, and hats

Located on the Square, SLCT is essentially a street style lover’s dream. The shop perfectly encapsulates a laidback masculine style. Organized racks of vintage sport and band tees, cargo and carpenter pants, and racing jackets are destined to result in the purchase of multiple unique finds. Additionally, you will find a selection of vintage and graphic caps that are a must-see when shopping downtown.

Location: 101 W Kirkwood Ave

My go-to for: lingerie

If you’re looking for an iconic selection of vintage lingerie pieces, look no further than SkullznBunniez. This boutique is sure to provide the ultra-feminine vibes one may be looking to add to their wardrobe. Their impressive assortment is organized by color, and promises a sexy and stylish find for everyone who enters. Here you will also find a plethora of vintage denim – any pair would go perfectly with a lacy bodysuit on a night out!

Location: 414 S College Ave

My go-to for: professional wear and formal gowns

Just blocks away from the Square, shoppers will find the hidden gem known as My Sister’s Closet of Monroe County. This sustainable nonprofit boasts an array of blazers, dress pants, shoes, formal gowns, and even an extensive assortment of wedding dresses. It is impossible to leave empty-handed after shopping the racks of MSC, but customers can feel great about their spending knowing that the boutique centers its mission on providing resources to underprivileged women in Monroe County.

Location: 214 W 4th St

My go-to for: eclectic time-period fashions

Searching for a 70s patterned suit or authentic poodle skirt? Cherry Canary is the place to be for period-specific garments that promise uniquely rare styles. Upon entering the alternate universe that this store creates, shoppers will be amazed with the sheer quantity of deadstock attire.This eccentric shop provides a plethora of insanely-cool pieces, patterns, and fabrics that one simply cannot find at modern-day brands.



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