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Euphoria: The Cultural Renaissance

Article by Kayla Pallotto


Fashion designer, Heidi Bivens, may not be a name you recognize on paper. However, you may recognize her influence in Kat’s leather corsets, Maddie’s matching sets with flattering cutouts, and Cassie’s pink hued girl-next-door wardrobe. Bevins, alongside makeup artist Doniella Davy, have pushed us in a glamorous direction, pushing the agenda of how TV fashion translates off the screen.

Euphoria has become synonymous with the Gen Z look. From the androgynous style of Rue’s chilled out sweats, to Maddie’s body-con dresses and flawless hair, there is a range of style that reflects the diversity of the digital generation.

The teenage years are the pinnacle of self discovery. Experimentation in fashion and makeup isn’t a fleeting fad from one generation to the next. Nostalgic silhouettes revamped with current flair, make Euphoria’s style so intoxicating, opening an invitation to be shared online. On TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, Euphoria look books and makeup tutorials cultivate an obsessive-like following. Euphoria made confidence and color into a tangible style anyone can recreate.

Euphoria’s style isn’t just a standalone masterpiece. Rather, it is an integral part of the story that has captivated audiences for two seasons.


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