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Looks We're Loving: THRIFTING

My favorite place to shop and where I find all my most worn clothes has to be Goodwill. I love the appeal of never knowing what you can find and all of the vintage pieces that you can give new life to. Today, I am going to share my highly coveted thrift tips and tricks and how I find the best things at Goodwill. 

Tip #1: Set your intentions 

With overconsumption and closets being on the brink of exploding from trying to keep up with trends, it is imperative that you tell yourself the specific things you are looking to add to your collection. I also feel speaking the specific pieces you want into existence makes it more likely that you will actually come across these clothes and accessories. So while you sit in the car before your thrift trip, just tell yourself or write in your notes app the clothes, shoes, and other knick knacks that you are hoping to buy. 

Tip #2: Look through the sleepwear section

When I first started thrifting, I always skipped the sleepwear section. However, once I discovered that all the slip dresses and cute corset tops were found there, I made it my priority to beeline straight to those clothes. The majority of what is in the section isn’t always cute, but you should still look if you are in the market for silk, satin, and bustier tops. 

Tip #3: Check all of the sizes

In thrift stores like Goodwill, it is very common for things to be misplaced or tagged incorrectly. So make sure you at least glance over all sizes and sections in order to find the things that you are looking for.

Tip #4: Put back/new stock racks are your best friend

The put back or new stock racks are the best places to look, especially if you are in a hurry. The clothes placed here are either new and have not been distributed throughout the store, or they are the things people decided not to get during their thrift trip and put back. Either way, you can guarantee that the clothes here are curated and more than likely things that you might decide to purchase.

Tip #5: Men’s jeans!

All of my baggy low-rise jeans have been bought from the men's section at Goodwill. You can find great quality and awesome brands like Levis and Wrangler, and they will fit like the jeans you saved on your Pinterest board or you saw on your favorite influencer -- but for a fraction of the price!

Tip #6: Early mornings and out of town

If you can justify dragging yourself out of bed for good thrift finds, then by all means do it. They put out new stock first thing in the morning so you will get first dibs on these pieces. I also recommend trying to thrift at stores a little more out of town because you are less likely to have people shopping for the same type of things as you at these stores. 

I am wishing you all the best of luck on your next thrift trip!

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