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Looks We're Loving: STYLE ICONS

I love to draw fashion inspiration from designers, social media personalities, and models. It is so inspiring to find bits and pieces of their styles that I like and emulate them into my own. These 7 people have made an impact on the clothes I like to wear and buy. 

Bella Hadid: 

Bella is an icon in the fashion world and I am one of many that looks up to her style. I love her simple, model off duty vibe and specifically her “workwear” and office looks. She is seen wearing a lot of cool knit pieces and things like button down blouses and slacks. For my look inspired by her, I wore low waisted black slacks and a knit turtleneck top. A simple black belt and black mary jane heels completed the look. 

Frankie B. Stark:

Frankie is the daughter of the owner of Chrome Hearts, so fashion clearly runs in her blood. Her relatively simple style is complimented by the funky pieces she adds like printed tights or cool shoes. For a look inspired by her style, I wore a cheetah print turtleneck and a black lace mini skirt with sheer tights. My red boots added a fun pop of color. 

Zoi Lerma:

Zoi is such a great person to get inspo from for festival and event looks. She is the queen of knitwear and cool textures and never misses when it comes to chunky jewelry and dramatic nails. For my outfit, I wore a silver and black knit dress with a silver chain belt. Black biker boots added an edge for the shoes. 

Nessa Barrett: 

Not only do I love Nessa’s music but her taste in fashion is top notch. Her style teeters between grunginess and feminine flair, balancing her outfits; I really love it. To try to emulate this delicate balance between opposite aesthetics, I decided to wear a white lace up corset dress with an oversized black leather jacket and black leather boots. A silver cross necklace was my finishing touch. 

Vivienne Westwood: 

My all time favorite designer has to be Vivienne Westwood. She is an inspiration to all and really paved the way for women designers in high fashion. I love her iconic strong silhouettes that include corsets, plaid, and skirts. For my Westwood inspired look, I wore a beautiful black corset with an intricate neckline with a black and red plaid skirt as well as my mary jane heels. 

Jazmyn Makenna:

Jazmyn is my favorite person to look to when I want a day to day outfit. Her casual wear is unmatched and is so easy to recreate with things you probably already have in your closet. For my look inspired by her, I wore a thrifted denim mini skirt with blue stripes on the side as well as a black tank with a white bra peeking out. My favorite sneakers were the finishing touch. 

Lara Cosima:

No one does formal wear better than Lara Cosima. She is basically a princess and is always on point when it comes to anything dressy, whether it be ball gowns or mini dresses. Whether you need inspiration for a formal or a wedding, she should be your go to. To channel my inner Lara, I decided to wear a champagne colored satin dress with a strapless neckline. 

I hope you find inspiration from my style icons as much as I do. Happy styling!


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